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Katedra Oliwska – Gdańsk

Katedra Oliwska – Gdańsk

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Katedra Oliwa is located in the city of Gdańsk, in the Oliwa district of the city. On July 2, 1186, Sambor I Gdański, Prince of Pomerania, founded a Cistercian Monastery and the history of the Cathedral began.

The cathedral is 17.7m high, 19m wide and 107m long which making it the longest Cistercian church in the world. It holds works of art in the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classical style. The church contains 23 altars in the Baroque and Rococo style.

The church was consecrated 14 August 1594. On July, 8 1976, the church was raised to the dignity of a minor basilica by Pope Paul VI. On March,25 1992, Pope John Paul II established the Archdiocese of Gdańsk with the seat in Oliwa and raised the basilica to Archcathedral status.

1. Entrance sign at the side of the Cathedral.

2. Side entrance to the Cathedral.

3. Front entrance to Cathedral.

4. Organ

5. Great organ. The organ is from the Rococo period and was made between 1763 – 1788.

6. Angels on the great organ.

7. Close up of angel with golden trumpet.

8. Stained glass window in the center of the organ.

9. Cherub detail on organ.

10. Organ front panel.

11. Organ pipes.

12. Tombstone in the wall of the church. There are many of these along the walls and built into the floor of the Cathedral.

13. Close-up detail of the tombstone in the previous picture.

14. Another wall tombstone.

15. Close-up of tombstone crest.

16. Close-up of inscription on the tombstone.

17. Oliwa Cathedral pew seats.

18. Altar are.

19. Close-up of altar area.

20. Mściwoj’s tomb – Prince of Pomerania d. 1294.

21. Close up of Mściwoj’s tomb.

22. Prayer area.

23. Art along the wall of the Cathedral.

24. Close-up of Latin inscription.

25. Beautiful art.

26. Door inside the Cathedral behind main altar area.

27. Altar area of Oliwa Cathedral.

28. Angel’s heads in the ceiling of Oliwa Cathedral.

29. Stained glass window of Oliwa Cathedral.

30. Altar painting.

31. Stars on the ceiling of Oliwa Cathedral.

32. More beautiful artwork.

33. Another organ in Oliwa.

34. Area to the right side of the altar.

35. Altar area expanded.

36. Latin inscription.

37. Painting of Mary along walls of Oliwa above the pews.

38. Painting of monk along the walls above the pews.

39. Another prayer area.

40. Side chapel entrance.

41. Side chapel.

42. Ceiling of chapel.

43. Side chapel – altar area.

44. Close-up of chapel ceiling.

45. Beautiful tomb inside Oliwa.

46. Close-up of 16th century tomb.

47. Close-up of paneling of 16th century tomb.

48. One side of the tomb’s inscription.

49. Other side of inscription of tomb.

50. Front of Oliwa.

51. Courtyard of Oliwa Cathedral.