The Warrener’s Tale

The Warrener’s Tale

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The Warrener’s Tale

Schragg, E.D.

Medieval Forum Vol.1 (2002)


Choosing the Haberdasher to tell the next tale, Harry Bailey fails to reestablish order among his drunken unruly pilgrims, whereupon the Prioress steps in to “govern ther oure hooste hadde lak.” The Warrener, “a portreiture of sangwynitee,” agrees to her suggestion that he tell a tale, but he explains, “rewde metres make my pencel,” and tells his fellow pilgrims, “ich wil yow telle a tale now in prose.” The tale is Chaucer’s apparent reworking of the matter of Monty Python, which “stynteth” abruptly when the Wife of Bath can no longer abide its preposterousness.

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