Syrian army captures Crac des Chevaliers

Syrian army captures Crac des Chevaliers

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Syrian government forces have captured the medieval fortress of Crac des Chevaliers from rebels on Thursday. The Syrian army reports that 93 rebels were killed as they tried to flee the area after several hours of fierce fighting.

Afterwards reporters were taken on a tour of the UNESCO world heritage site, and saw significant damage, including collapsed walls and staircases, and other evidence of fighting.

Crac des Chevaliers, which was first seized by rebels in 2012, held a strategic location and allowed the rebels to send supplies and reinforcements from Lebanon. Over the last several months it has been attacked by the government forces loyal to Bashar Assad, and the rebels have released footage of air strikes and other attacks directed at the fortress.

A Syrian army commander says that up to 300 rebels fighters were inside Crac des Chevaliers when it was attacked.

The Syrian Civil War has left at least 140,000 people dead and created hundreds of thousands of refugees. .

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